Monday, November 12, 2007

FO Fetching

These Fetching Mitts from knit up very fast.
I used the extra ball from leftovers from backyard leaves scarf. (which oddly enough, happened to be the same yarn and color from the Knitty pattern!)
I did make one modification - I added another cable row in the top part of the mitt. Just thought that it mirrored the bottom better.
Let's see, first cables, first picked up stitches (to make the thumbs). Neither gave me any troubles (but I also have my Vogue Big Book of Knitting to use as a reference - so I have good reference materials to help me out.)
Love them. I can drive in them and my hands won't slip on the wheel. They are suprisingly warm.

Fetching. Still needs blocking, but
that will have to wait until I can part
with them for a few days!

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