Sunday, November 4, 2007

I. Love. Yarn.

I've had this blog set up for about a month now and didn't know where/how to begin. Sometimes something so simple can be so hard. This morning, it struck me. I should start with yarn. (Yesterday's knit shop experience may have contributed to this realization)

I. love. yarn.
I think I'm addicted. (help! I'm a beginning knitter and I may have a problem. Is there some sort of support group for this?)
I also love yarn shops. (because they have YARN!) I love to touch everything. I also seem to be drawn to the mucho expensivo stuff. Y'all know, because it's all soft and squishy. For now, I seem to be controlling urges to spend all of my money on yarn and I am just buying yarn for slated projects. (mostly Christmas presents.) Well, except for this Mirasol Hacho yarn. For which I bought just because I love it. I think it will become my first pair of socks.

Mirasol Haucho

Due to yesterday's most excellent yarn shop experience, I now have all the yarn needed for four out of five knitted Christmas presents. (and yarn for a pair of gloves for myself!) (I can't believe I'm going to make gloves!) Yay for me! and I have my eye on buying out the rest of the shop. Well, maybe just half of it. I can save the other half for a later day.

Yarn for my gloves.

Yarn for my brother's present.

Yarn for my sister's present.
(The color is more cranberry/wine colored.)

Yarn for my sister's boyfriend's present.

Also, the awesome ladies performed some magic on a - err- problem I had and *poof* changed a UFO to an FO! whooo-hoo! More on that magic tomorrow. magic I tell y'all, magic!

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